Top quality wholesale recreation flower with 458g pounds at steeply discounted prices. Harvesting every two weeks and give full refunds with no questions asked.
Floating Nug
8032 Maverick Lane,
Ordway, CO 81063



Strain THC Lbs. Price Description
Diamond Diesel Indoor AA+ 19-28% 4.7 $1050 Mild odor with hints of jet fuel; Jet Fuel flavor with notes of citrus
Lineage: (Swazi x C99) x Sour Diesel IBL

75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Apricot Scone Indoor AA+ 21% 1.0 $1050 Hazy odor with subtle hints of lemonade; Tangy and sweet flavor.
Lineage: Blueberry Limone x Early Orange

30% Indica / 70% Sativa

Orange Cookie Chem Indoor AA 22% 1.0 $950 Earthy odor with hints of orange; Mild and smooth, true chem flavor.
Lineage: Orange Cookies Kush x FreeWorld Chem

25% Indica / 75% Sativa

Tier 1

-$25/lb. off a 6lb purchase

Tier 2

-$50/lb. off 10lbs

Tier 3

-$100/lb. off 20lbs

About Us

State of the art facility
Fully automated climate, irrigation, and fertilizer system custom built to spec.
Led Technology
We use the latest full spectrum high efficiency LED lights with Cree and Osram diodes
We obtain only top quality rare strains and meticulously weed out inferior ones

We built a brand new 8,000 s.f. recreational cultivation facility in Ordway, CO on five acres in 2018. Growing both indoor and out we sustainably provide high quality product at a very affordable price relative to our competition. Using automation and the latest full spectrum LED technology we are able to produce top quality product in bulk. Our biggest advantage however comes from our very highly sought after genetics which give us remarkably pungent flower.

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